Probate Death Fees Set to Increase

The BBC has this week reported that the Ministry of Justice are proposing an increase in probate death fees to as much as £20,000 for those with large estates. Currently, fees are fixed at either £155 or £215 and under the new proposals it is suggested that most people will pay less.

I’ll Give My Assets Away During Lifetime, The Tax Man Will Never Know

Quite often when considering the importance of wills, particularly for those people with complex family situations or reasonably large estates, the statement is made, “Why can’t I just give away my assets during lifetime? The taxman will never know.” Theoretically anything is possible

HSBC Sells Wills & Probate Business

In June 2015, one of the biggest banks in the UK, HSBC sold their Wills & Probate business to a company called Simplify Channel Ltd with the transfer date expected to take place on 30th October 2015. Simplify are a subsidiary of Chorus Law Group Ltd, previously associate with Inde

BTWC’s Estate Administration & Probate Service

BTWC Ltd, will not only support you in guiding your clients with their Estate Planning needs but can also provide assistance and guidance on what to do when someone dies. At such a difficult time, it can be overwhelming for those that are left behind to deal with the legal processes t