Partnership Services

We are proud to partner with selected leading businesses within the financial sector to provide an extended range of Later Life Planning services to you and your clients. We partner with businesses that are focused on delivering an outstanding service, are experts in their field and ensure the right solution is provided to clients. Our partner panel supports our own ethos of maintaining excellence in service all through the customer journey.
Later Life Planning is a vital area for many clients and we look to support you further by providing you with instant access to key market leaders, and our partnership with them enables you to gain favourable commission rates and fees to support your own business growth.


Our partners include:

Lincs Private Client Services - Tax Advisory Specialists

Lincs Private Client Services Ltd (Lincs PCS) provide a Chartered Tax Advisory service and have extensive experience in providing advice for a range of tax scenarios, no matter how complex.

Areas of specialism include inheritance tax and capital gains tax, both of which arise frequently within certain aspects of estate planning. Tax can be a complicated subject and the law is constantly evolving. The expertise of Lincs PCS can help you help your clients in what can often be a confusing and time-consuming service area.

Lincs PCS endeavour to keep things simple and straightforward, explaining clearly the tax consequences of any proposed action. Clients want to understand what their liability to tax may be and what can feasibly be done to mitigate any such liability, whilst being commercially and practically viable.

They provide support to advisers and financial professionals seeking advice on particular issues. They also work directly with clients. Where requested, Lincs PCS can keep you up to date on key tax issues, as part of the bigger picture.

Lincs PCS are a company who enjoy working with advisers and clients. So if you, or your clients, need advice or more detailed support for a tax scenario, get in touch.

Equity Release from The Financial Advice Service (TFAS)

We are pleased to be partnered with TFAS to provide you with an Equity Release offering to your clients. TFAS is a fully regulated financial advice firm, but instead of meeting face-to-face they meet customers by telephone. Because of this they can help people wherever they live, and see their service as complementary to traditional advice firms. Customers are looked after, with the highest levels of service.

Through referrals given via BTWC, introducers will receive a generous share of the procuration fee. Our contractual partnership with TFAS also states that they will only advise on Equity Release (lifetime mortgages), no other financial products will be discussed with customers. If other financial planning requirements are identified, the customer will be referred back to their original adviser who made the referral via BTWC.

Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more and how to make a customer referral - call 01522 500823.

Julian Harris Financial Consultants

We support Julian Harris advisers to deliver will writing and estate plannng solutions to their clients. The Julian Harris network supports advisers to keep their financial services business within regulatory guidelines along with business development support and full training for new entrants and experienced professionals in the sector.

Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more and how to add Estate Planning to your portfolio of services - call 01522 500823.


Nellie Supports - Independent Social Work Practice

We are pleased to partner with Nellie Supports who are expert mental capacity assessors providing specialist services including financial vulnerability assessments, certificate provider services and more. With comprehensive professional accrediations combined with a personal and sensitive approach we appreciate Ben and the teams support in helping clients with more complex life situations.

Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more and how to make a customer referral - call 01522 500823.


Alexander House Financial Services

We are pleased to partner with Alexander House financial services who are a forward thinking financial services network. We support and collaborate with Alexander House Advisers to deliver Estate Planning solutions to their clients.


Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more and how to make a customer referral - call 01522 500823.


Lifetime Financial Management

Lifetime Financial are an innovative digital financial services firm with forward thinking solutions to deliver financial wellbeing for employee benefit programmes across the UK. By offering a pathway for people to take control of their finances, inviduals are empowered to make better informed money choices.

With tailored educational videos and webinars, access is provided to dedicated customer coaches who can create a personal financial plan for clients and facilitate the next step with their financial adviser.


Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more and how to access the deciated employer hub - call 01522 500823.



Providing an innovative solution to help clients capture an securely store important documents, memories and moments, Keylu have transformed how people can manage their digital legacy. 

We have a prefential arrangement with Keylu that means that you can offer this valuable platform to your clients to support and prepare them for the future. 


Speak to the team at BTWC to find out more about how to access this service - call 01522 500823.