Online Learning Modules

To reflect our passion to raise standards within the Estate Planning sector and support professional advisers to deliver effective and appropriate will writing services, BTWC Ltd have launched a range of core online learning modules.

We recognise that taking time out of your week to attend training can be challenging. We have responded to feedback that gaining a knowledge refresh on specific subject matters is essential. Therefore we have identified the need for an affordable route to learn a new skill and offer an additional service to clients, so we have created our online learning modules.

When you sign up to a BTWC online learning module, you can expect to cover crucial aspects such as:

  • The Law of Succession
  • Key Roles within a Will
  • Different types of Trust & protecting client assets
  • Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?
  • How does Probate work?


Increasing your knowledge will increase your clients confidence and ensure you provide appropriate and effective services for their estate planning needs.

If you are a seasoned professional adviser seeking a knowledge refresh or a new entrant to the industry looking to develop a core understanding of the Will Writing sector, you will find the BTWC online learning modules an invaluable element of your professional toolkit.

Remember, we offer support every step of the way to ensure you have everything you need to service your clients needs from face-to-face training to free telephone support when you become a BTWC member. The BTWC Ltd estate planning modules have been developed and delivered for professionals by professionals.

Module 1

Foundations of Will Writing

Definition of a valid will
Rules of Intestacy
Key roles within a will

£45.00 + VAT

Module 2

Trusts, what you need to know

The definition of a Trust
Key parties to a Trust
Creation of a valid Trust
Different types of Trust
Trusts & Taxation

£55 + VAT


Module 3

Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney
The different types of LPA's
Why make an LPA
Key roles
LPA Registration and the OPG
Enduring Powers of Attorney

£25 + VAT

Module 4

Estate Administration & Probate

The immediate arrangements
Registering a death
Grant of Representation
Excepted Estates
Informing HMRC

£40 + VAT



 Once you have purchased your chosen learning module(s) you will receive an email with your login details. Enter this login information on the BTWC home page and then head to the Member Zone to access your module and start your learning journey with BTWC Ltd.

If you are looking for more in-depth training and support, simply become a member with us to offer the full breadth of services to your clients, and get our full support at every stage - growing your income along the way.


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