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1) Sign up as a BTWC member to receive your full business pack including instruction forms, marketing materials, adviser product guides and more

2) Come along to our Estate Planning training days. We believe that knowledge is power - the better informed you are, the better you will be able to advise your client

3) Take your clients Will instructions using our simple and straightforward instruction form. Need to confirm a few points along the way? Give us a call and we'll talk you through some options you may want to suggest to your client

4) Submit your instructions.....and we'll take care of the rest!

Maximise your income

Our products and services are designed for you to use as a practicing Instruction Taker/Adviser in conjunction with the services you currently offer. Revenue is generated by initial income and renewal income - all you pay us is the document preparation fee.There are no license fees, franchise costs or annual fees to pay - we work in partnership with you and support you to build your business.


All training requirements can be supplied to all of our BTWC registered advisers and our easy to understand support material, such as our product guide, provides a great structure for you to follow when taking your clients' will instructions. If there's anything you're not sure about, our team have in-depth experience and knowledge of complete estate planning needs and will support your learning journey.

We run regular training days, and by attending one it will mean you will be fully equipped to provide a strong estate planning service to your clients, confident in your offering and in meeting their needs - have a look at our Training section to find out more.

Simple Systems

As the Advisor/Instruction Taker, your will find all of our products and systems easy to understand and explain to your clients. There are no compliance issues with the forms or many of the products and they are straightforward to use. You can now also complete our simple will instruction forms electronically, ensuring a quick and secure service to your client. As a member you will have access to the BTWC exclusive online Will Instruction Program, this industry leading platform is simple and easy to use, once the Will Instruction Form is completed, return it to us and we do the rest for you.





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Professionally written wills and legal documents

Our unique will writing department consists of professionally trained will drafters, accredited by The Society of Will Writers and our legal team are approved by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Our seasoned estate practitioners ensure that every document is of high quality and to the professional standard that is expected.


Non regulated legal services

The majority of products we offer fall within the non-regulated sector in relation to both the financial and legal services industry but some regulated products are offered via our associate providers. We look for partnerships that will support our advisers and help build their business.

Other Legal Services

We have executor-ship, probate and estate administration services available, providing your clients with the opportunity to appoint professional executors and/or Trustees to administer their estate if they feel that they would not want to burden their family or friends with this cumbersome task. We work in partnership with our professional SRA regulated legal team who will provide these services at very competitive rates, usually far less than that charged by banks or trust corporations.

If your clients wish to take advantage of this service then it's a simple process and you will receive an additional fee when your customers estate is administered.

We can also provide you with more specialist trusts to meet inheritance tax planning through to life time gifts and many other different trusts to meet other client identified needs to help preserve their estate. i.e. Asset Protection Trusts.

Remember, our services have been developed by professionals for professionals.

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