Why a Property Protection Trust could be an option for your clients

The priority for most of us when we die, is to ensure that our loved ones inherit from us, and that our assets pass safely to them, without risk of being lost. This may not always be as simple as we would wish. Assets may be ‘lost’ in a number of ways; one of which might be to pay for

Is a Family Settlement Asset Trust the Right Solution For You?

Many of you will have seen the recent article from the BBC regarding the use of Trusts for the primary reason of avoiding care fees. This relates to a particular company actively promoting a specific type of trust advertised explicitly for the avoidance of care fees. As experienced an

Illott v Mitson Court Ruling – Upholding Testators Wishes

The widely reported Illott v Mitson case this week reached a final conclusion at the Supreme Court after a 10 year battle between three animal charities and a daughter excluded from her mothers £500,000 will. Heather Illott’s mother Milita Jackson left most of her estate to charities

We Live Together but We’re Not Married – What Rights Do We Have?

The 2014 ONS Government Survey calculated that whilst there are 22.5 million people living as a couple and married, there are a further 5.5 million people co-habitating but not married. More and more couples are choosing to live together and the laws for unmarried, cohabiting partners

Looking Ahead to 2017 with Beneficial Trust & Will Co

After a fantastic 2016 we're looking forward to what 2017 has in store and our continuing work with our great network of Financial Advisers and Estate Planning Consultants. We've seen all of our partners grow their businesses during the last year and we have a number of exciting updat

BTWC Christmas Office Hours

  Merry Christmas from the BTWC Team. Take a look at our Christmas Office hours and contact details during the festive period.  
Will Writing Services

Children: Protecting Your Greatest Asset

We all look forward to seeing our children grow up and blossom into adulthood but sadly this is not possible for some parents. Making provision within your Will as to how you would like your children to be bought up and by whom should the worst happen is of paramount importance. Appoi

PRESS RELEASE: Raising Professional Standards in Estate Planning

We are delighted to announce that Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd are now fully accredited members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) in recognition of our firm operating to the highest professional standards. The IPW was founded in 1991 as a self-regulatory body to

9 Reasons Why Not to Make a Will or Plan Your Own Funeral

Whilst making a Will is a fundamental part of planning for our futures, sometimes taking a humorous view supports clients to understand the consequences of not taking any action. One of our fantastic consultants came up with the below to help raise a smile about the reasons people giv

Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World Post BREXIT?

As the impact of the recent EU referendum is analyzed and assessed, we are all observing wild speculation competing with conservative optimism. Whilst there is certainly some further disentangling to emerge, it would appear that in relation to inheritance and personal taxation matters